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Milling Around May 6, 2011

I’ve spent a good deal of time on or near a treadmill. I’ve maintained them, cleaned them and showed many people how to properly use them. I developed great contempt for them and only use them when all of the ellipticals and bikes are taken at the gym. Did you know that one of’s definitions for milling is “to move around aimlessly, slowly or confusedly, as a herd of cattle?” Aimless and slow are not exactly my goal at the gym!

This month I discovered the muscles supporting my right knee are imbalanced due to recent inactivity. I had to develop a new personal workout routine. I tried something that I have seen in a handful of fitness articles but never actually done for fear of drawing too much attention to myself. I used the treadmill sideways. It was love at first workout! In just 3 workouts the pain in my knee is gone. Plus after a few minutes you can really feel that burn in your inner and outer thighs.  It doesn’t exactly count as a full cardio routine but I suggest adding 10-20 minutes of this to your routine:

  • Attach the emergency stop cord!
  • Stand parallel to the machine belt.
  • Start slow and build your way up as you gain better balance.
  • Lead with the leg closest to the front of the treadmill.
  • Stop the machine and switch directions.
  • Repeat leading with the opposite leg (which should now be closest to the front) for an equal amount of time.

Don’t just treadmill, tread sideways!

*If you’ve had a severe injury or knee replacement you should consult a physical therapist before trying this exercise.


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