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Reader’s Question: Regarding Chronic Upper Infections August 17, 2011

Recently, an acquaintance wrote to me in regards to a chronic infection. The situation is one I hear often throughout the school year, especially from childcare workers. I thought I would share it with you:

CG: I desperately need your help. I am sick again which is the 3rd time in about 3 months. It seems like it is the same cold, it is the exact same symptoms every time. It comes on very fast swollen glands, sore throat, then nasal congestion, ear pain and popping, then onto the chest with a bad sounding dry cough. I did take antibiotics the first two times after trying to fight it naturally for a long time but it just continued to get worse so I broke down and took meds. I get better for about 3 weeks and then the symptoms come back again. Obviously the medicine isn’t really working? Is there any natural antibiotics you could suggest? Or anything I can take that will help me get better without antibiotics? I have been taking lots of vitamin c and echinacea.

NR: I cannot diagnose an issue like this but there are two very likely situations here:

1. It may be a viral infection. In which case antibiotics, whether natural or pharmaceutical, have very little power to fight it. To fight a virus I suggest 2 full weeks on Colloidal Silver & Elderberry Syrup. Buried treasure makes a great product with both.

2. Antibiotics, both natural & pharmaceutical, do not discriminate. They kill bad and good bacteria alike. This bacteria is our first line of defense. If we kill them, we have little to no immune system, literally. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TAKE A HIGH QUALITY PROBIOTIC, especially if you’ve taken any form of natural or pharmaceutical antibiotic. There are tons of them on the market. I wrote a blog about: How to Choose a Probiotoc.

It is very important that we not only attack but that we RENEW & RESTORE. Make sure you continue taking a basic probiotic and consider taking a restorative homeopathic complex.

To review:

  • Take Colloidal Silver & Elderberry as directed until bottle is finished.
  • Take a strong pro-biotic at alternating hours to the Colloidal Silver & Elderberry until bottle is finished.
  • Take Liddell’s Immune Booster as directed until bottle is finished. And continue taking a basic probiotic daily.

CG: Naomi! Thanks so much for the tips! I’m feeling better and I never get well this fast on my own…

It worked : )

I hope sharing this conversation helps you avoid dealing with reoccurring infections this year. With school in session, I suggest keeping these products on hand so you can begin taking them at the first sign of an infection. Prevention is key. Live well!

*This blog was published without the permission of buried treasure, liddell laboratories or lifeline foods. All opinions expressed are those solely of Health Hullabaloo.


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