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Author Info April 7, 2011

Thank you for your interest in my blog! My name is Naomi. I am a full-time mother of 2 handsome young boys and a part-time product demonstrator for Liddell Laboratories. I am working on my ACE certifications in personal training and lifestyle coaching.

My interest in natural health began in 2002 when I took a job at Life Grocery Natural Foods Co-op.  In 2006 I accepted a job with WTS International, a recreation and fitness management company. I’ve been in the natural health and fitness industry ever since. My friends and family often consult me for health and fitness advice. And so this blog is dedicated with love to my supportive friends and family.


2 Responses to “Author Info”

  1. I like the design of your site, particularly the “Coming Soon!” feature.

    • njr711 Says:

      Thank you.
      For those who may be unaware. I added “coming soon!” by clicking the “widget” button under “appearance.” Then I dragged the text box option to my widgets. It is a widget that allows you to write whatever you so please in your widget column.

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